Summit Schedule

2024 Kingdom Leaders


October 1-4, 2024
In-Person Breakout Sessions

Tuesday | October 1 | 10:30 aM CST



Building a Church Based Leadership Program

Dr. Larry Mercer

This session will provide a biblical foundation for leadership development, examine the model of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's leadership development, and provide participants some practical strategies for building and/or strengthening their local church leadership program.

Preaching Lab Pt. 1

Pastor Ikki Soma

In this two part preaching lab, leaders will learn and practice the science and art of expository, Kingdom preaching.

Thrive Kingdom Wellness

Pastor Kobie Morgan

"Kingdom-building requires Kingdom Wellness! This class will equip the church leader to thrive holistically for maximum Kingdom impact. Many of God's chosen and called Kingdom servants are dysfunctional and unhealthy. Now more than ever is the time for God's royal remnant to function well holistically as laborers for the end-time harvest. Discover the keys to thriving holistically as Kingdom-builders in these dark and dynamic times."

Church Fundamentals Pt. 1- How to Build, Start, & Grow a New Church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This class offers a comprehensive exploration into the foundational principles necessary for establishing, nurturing, and expanding a thriving spiritual community. Through an engaging blend of theoretical insights and practical strategies, this course equips aspiring church leaders with the essential knowledge and tools needed to embark on the journey of establishing a new church, cultivating a vibrant congregation, and fostering sustainable growth. From understanding the theological underpinnings of church planting to mastering effective outreach techniques and organizational management, participants will emerge prepared and empowered to navigate the complexities of launching and sustaining a dynamic faith community in today's diverse and evolving landscape.

Adopt-a-School to Serve Your Community

Bill Collins & Charles Wolford

Our communities are decaying at a rapid rate. The National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative offers a strategy that prepares churches across the country to impact their communities by using public schools as the primary vehicle for effecting positive social change for youth and families. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of this program and the tools needed to forge church and school partnerships.

HR at a Long Glance

Connie Williams

This session is designed to familiarize attendees with the concepts related to human resources, including legal requirements, recruitment and employee selection methods, and employee development and evaluation.

Behind the Scenes Experience: Life on Life Women's Bible Study

Disha Zaman

Get a first hand look at the Women's Ministry at OCBF by participating in the weekly Life on Life Women’s Bible study.

Protecting the Church: The Vital Importance of Proper Church Governance

Mark Francis Juba

Maintaining proper church governance is vital to protecting the church's best interests and allowing the church to do the Lord's work. This session is designed to provide church leaders with ways to protect the church's First Amendment rights, ensure compliance with federal and state laws, and mitigate risk.

Church Discipline and Restoration

Dr. Oletha Barnett & Dr. Martin Hawkins

This session will explore the need for discipline, the biblical process of discipline and how this process can benefit the growth of your local church.

Closing the Back Door: Effective Membership Assimilation and Retention

Sandra Robinson

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) Membership Services ministry strives to effectively assimilate members into the life and ministry of the Local Church. We seek to make members feel welcome, needed, cared for and connected to serve in ministry to edify the body of Christ, which contributes to membership retention. We encourage members to Grow, Serve, and Give, to fulfill our mission to “Disciple the Church to Impact the World!

Church Media Production- A Behind the Scenes Tour

Ben Harris

The session will discuss these key topics :
Media Structure
Evaluating your production needs
Recognizing the need for collaboration
Building and Maximizing your Budget
Streaming and Brand focus
Media Production Execution

Organic Mentoring- What is it and why do we need it?

Dr. Sue Edwards

Over five hundred times in Scripture, God commands us to pass on our faith to those who follow behind, whether we are eighteen or eighty. Labels vary, from mentoring, discipling, coaching, or spiritual mothering, but the purpose is similar--to help women become all-in fully-developed Christ-followers. Young women hunger for these kinds of relationships, but did you know that their dropout rate in traditional mentoring is as high as eighty percent in the first six months? Mentoring methods and styles that worked for older generations don't work today. The formal, structured, curriculum-centered approach favored by many older women does not appeal to younger generations. They crave a more organic, natural connection, and, surprisingly, as older women discover this new approach, their excuses not to mentor will vanish. The spiritual futures of generations of young women are at risk unless older women learn to love, understand, guide, and walk with them. We need a mentoring revolution and this session will teach you how! Our speaker is Dr. Sue Edwards, DTS Professor Emeritus of Educational Ministries and Leadership and author of seven leadership books for women including Organic Mentoring and 18 studies in the Discover Together Bible Study series (

Ministry Tour

Rev. Claude Bailey

Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Campus and learn the history of its development.

tuesday | October 1 | 1:30 PM CST



A Kingdom Strategy for Community Transformation: Implementing a 3-Point Plan

Bill Collins & John Fortner

Are you looking for a plan for your church to impact your community for the kingdom of God? Dr. Evans has designed a simple yet strategic 3-step plan to do this called "A Kingdom Plan for Community Transformation." In this class, we will explore each of the three elements of this plan, providing a biblical theology for this strategy of transforming communities, and suggest some practical steps for implementing the plan in your church and community.

Leadership That Unites

Dr. Pierre Cannings

The church is divided every Sunday. The world has separated Christians with politics, ethnicities, and culture. However, God designed the kingdom full of diversity to be united. He has entrusted godly leaders to unite the church but only following the model described in His word. This session will examine the Bible to address leadership that unites the church.

Preaching Lab Pt. 2

Pastor Ikki Soma

In this two part preaching lab, leaders will learn and practice the science and art of expository, Kingdom preaching.

The Power and Impact of Kingdom Worship

Myron Butler

This session is an exploration of the biblical concepts of praise and worship within the context of God's Kingdom. This teaching delves into the transformative nature of worship, examining its profound effects on individuals, communities, and the world at large. Through a combination of scriptural study, theological reflection, and practical application, this session will illuminate a deeper understanding of the principles, purpose and significance of praise and worship in the life of a believer. Attendees of this session will be equipped to lead their congregants in authentic worship experiences that bring glory to God, inspire spiritual growth and bring about positive change in the world around them.

Church Fundamentals Pt. 2- How to Develop a Financially Healthy & Generous Church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This class delves into the critical aspects of financial stewardship within a church context, offering practical guidance on budgeting, fundraising, and fostering a culture of generosity among congregants. Participants will learn effective strategies for managing church finances, cultivating a spirit of giving, and leveraging resources to support the mission and vision of the church, ultimately fostering financial stability and enabling impactful ministry initiatives.

Reviving Your Soul and Strategy in the New Ministry Reality

Pastor James Womack

This is a pivotal workshop designed for leaders who are navigating the evolving landscape of ministry in today’s world. This session provides an insightful journey into spiritual rejuvenation and strategic refinement, tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the new ministry reality. Attendees will delve into enriching practices for spiritual well-being, adaptive leadership techniques, and strategies for kingdom resilience and growth. This workshop merges personal development with strategic innovation, offering tools for leaders to enhance their spiritual resilience and implement forward-thinking kingdom strategies. Participants will leave equipped to seamlessly integrate their personal growth with actionable kingdom-centered plans, setting a course for compassionate, agile leadership in the transformed landscape of ministry.

Teaching the Bible to Develop Kingdom Women

Priscilla Shirer

Explore the study components, tools and resources needed to develop impactable lessons.

Stewardship: Discipling Members for Financial Freedom and Community Impact

Karla Reese

This session will give you an inside look at the Stewardship Ministry of OCBF. You'll gain an understanding of how we disciple our members to be financially free to give and serve the Kingdom. This session will also provide some insight on how to start a stewardship ministry, benevolence support and share highlights of the Kingdom Agenda in action in the community we serve.

Reaching the Next Generation: OCBF Next Gen Ministry

Pastor Jonathan Evans

The OCBF NextGen Ministry exists to love, serve and help cultivate spiritual growth within the lives of the Kids, Youth and Young Adult members of OCBF. NextGen is about helping the younger generation to BELIEVE in the saving power of Jesus Christ, BELONG to a community of Kingdom believers and BECOME all the God wants them to be. We do this by delivering the best Worship, the best Word, the best Wisdom, the best Wacky from the best Workers who are the most Engaging, Enthusiastic, Energetic and Efficient and who give the most Effort.

Free At Last: Biblical Approach to Addressing Sexual Strongholds

Dr. Guy Earle

In this transformative class, we will delve into the complexities of sexual strongholds and addictions through a biblical lens, offering a pathway to freedom and healing. Our journey will cover four key areas: Understanding Strongholds and Addictions, Discovering the Root Cause of Addiction, The Impact of Addiction on Biology, Breaking the Chains of Addiction.

Church Communications: Digital & Social Media Management

Tianna Covington

Marketing builds on the church’s brand... its identity (recognition) and reputation, which will help shape the public’s perception of the church. Social media marketing is all about meeting your target audience where they are and as they socially interact with each other and your church (brand). In this session you will learn best practices, tools and strategies to increase your churches visibility on social media.

wednesday | October 2 | 10:30 AM CST



How to Handle the Business Side of Ministry

Elder Greg Smith

Building and sustaining your ministry for the long haul begins with a solid infrastructure and plan. This session will provide a general overview of formation documentation, general operations and corporate documents needed for a well-organized ministry.

Developing a Praying Church

Pastor Bobby Gibson

My house shall be called a house of prayer." In this session, participants will learn how to transform their churches into houses of prayer, by first becoming a person of prayer. This will have a direct impact on yourself and others and you will begin to see miracles, signs, and wonders in your life and church.

Growing Your Kids Ministry

Cynthia Dixson

This session is designed to connect kids ministry leaders with like minded people and equip them with effective strategies, tools and new ways to grow their kids ministry. Included will be hands-on activities, group discussion, various visual material and networking opportunities. We will also discuss learning how to grow your level of parent engagement and discipleship of kids. Additionally, we will cover planning kids events, as well, as recruiting and coordinating volunteers to serve in kids ministry.

Cultivating Online Viewers to Become Equipped Disciples

Rev. Claude Bailey

Learn ways to develop a deeper connection with online viewers, so GOD may use them where they are to grow HIS Kingdom.

Leadership that Transforms

Dr. Pierre Cannings

Leadership should not be limited to temporary and external change. A godly leader's role is to change the inside of the follower through a spiritual transformation. God gives leaders a model that motivate leaders to seek individual transformation for organizational growth.

Equipping Kingdom Leaders

Dr. Wanda Bolton-Davis

Does your church have 20% of the membership carrying 80% of the ministry responsibilities? Are there individuals serving in ministry areas that are not best suited for them? Do you have a shortage of spiritually mature leaders? Would you like to have a succession plan for the leadership positions in your church? This workshop will address these ministry concerns and others. Based upon principles that have stood the test of time, Dr. Wanda will provide biblical and practical tools for developing effective Christian leaders, through identifying spiritual gifts, providing suitable ministry opportunities, establishing a leadership pipeline, and creating a strategic succession plan.

Church Fundamentals Pt. 3- The New Way to Increase Attendance & Membership

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This class introduces innovative approaches and best practices for expanding church attendance and membership in today's digital age. Through a combination of digital marketing techniques, community engagement strategies, and intentional hospitality practices, participants will discover how to attract and retain new members, create a welcoming environment for all seekers, and harness the power of technology and social media to reach a broader audience and foster meaningful connections within the community.

Train Your Leaders through the Tony Evans Training Center

John Fortner & Dr. Dawn-Marie Louis

According to Ephesians 4:11-13, the job of ministry leaders is to equip the Body to do the work of the ministry. This means ministry leaders are to develop and invest in new leaders who are able to take up and live out their calling as kingdom builders. But how do you do this in a strategic and reproducible way? The Tony Evans Training Center (TETC) has been developed to equip pastors, ministry leaders, and others in the body with resources directly from Dr. Evans, providing a training pathway to equip individuals and groups with the skills and knowledge needed to serve with excellence. Join us for this session as we present our discipleship and leadership development platform and provide you with strategies for implementing TETC courses and resources in your ministry setting.

Building Kingdom Ministry with ChatGPT

Pastor James Womack

In this class, participants will delve deep into the transformative applications of ChatGPT in developing and enhancing the structure, systems, and standards of a Kingdom Ministry. Whether you're a ministry leader, pastor, or a passionate individual looking to uplift your ministry’s impact, this workshop is tailor-made to equip you with practical insights and actionable knowledge on leveraging ChatGPT.

Funding Your Mission

Shari Carroll

Churches that have social and health outreach programs in their communities may be eligible for additional funding through individual and institutional donors. This workshop will explore the types of programs that are eligible for funds, funding sources and tips for writing a successful grant.

Urban Apologetics

Dr. Eric Mason

Coming Soon!

wednesday | October 2 | 1:30 PM CST



Building A Culturally Relevant Youth Ministry

Candice Holmes and NextGen Team

The OCBF Next Generation leaders will walk you through practical ways that you can ensure your church's youth ministry is culturally relevant, biblically accurate and effective in transforming lives.

Turning Your Sermons Into Publishable Material

Heather Hair & Terry Glaspey

Maximize your hard work and sermon preparation through discovering additional ways to curate your content. Learn how one sermon can contribute to a future book, blog, reading plan, texting plan, social media posts and even more! Make the most of your ministry by strategically expanding your reach without adding extra work.

Church Fundamentals Pt.4- Essential Traits of Today's Successful Church

Pastor Lee Jenkins

This class offers a comprehensive exploration of the key characteristics that distinguish thriving and impactful churches in contemporary society. Drawing upon insights from successful church leaders and cutting-edge research, participants will identify and cultivate nine essential traits, including visionary leadership, authentic community, and dynamic worship, among others. By understanding and embodying these traits, participants will be equipped to lead their churches toward greater effectiveness, relevance, and impact in fulfilling their mission and ministry goals.

Ministry Publishing and Content Creation: Expanding the Use of your Sunday Sermon

Terry Glaspey

Maximize your hard work and sermon preparation through discovering additional ways to curate your content. Learn how one sermon can contribute to a future book, blog, reading plan, texting plan, social media posts and even more! Make the most of your ministry by strategically expanding your reach without adding extra work.

Developing a Thriving Ministry to Women

Chrystal Hurst

Are you searching for programming, curriculum and ideas that will foster vibrant, growing, multi-generational, Titus 2 community within your ministry? This workshop will provide you with knowledge and resources to create a healthy, impactful and thriving ministry to the women in your congregation. We will explore the unique needs of women and how to best teach, lead, mentor, shepherd, and care for women in local church.

Online Membership: Developing a Deeper Connection with Online Viewers

Rev. Claude Bailey

Online streaming—virtual engagement creates an opportunity for those interacting with your ministry online to grow through the worship, fellowship, teaching and opportunities to benefit from available resources. By combining these elements with ways to serve in well-defined ways you can increase ministry support and the furtherance of discipleship that can impact the world.

How to Keep a Kingdom Focus in Your Church Administration and Operations

Dallas Diggs

Participants will learn how the Kingdom Agenda is applied to OCBF's administrative & operational functions.

Developing a Multi-Campus Ministry

Dr. Conway Edwards

Get clarity around key questions you should ask when deciding to go "multi-site." Then, walk through the necessary steps and best practices related to launching and managing an effective multi-campus ministry.

Conquering Small Group Challenges

Terrie Pittman & Community Life Team

In this class, attendees will discuss methods for overcoming the challenges associated with implementing or maintaining a healthy small groups ministry.

Outreach Ministry: Cultivating Community Ambassadors

Rev. Chris Wheel

Join us to learn how your ministry can make a real difference in your community by offering a "hand up" instead of just a handout. Discover the power of prayerful service and empowerment strategies that help individuals become self-sufficient and agents of change in their own lives and neighborhoods.

Kingdom Ethics

Pastor James Womack

This session will explore God’s truth for major ethical issues confronting our society and the church.

Ministry Tour

Rev. Claude Bailey

Enjoy a comprehensive tour of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Campus and learn the history of its development.


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